Here Are 7 Lyrics From Ghanaian Artistes We Still Don’t Understand

We love our Ghanaian artistes no doubt, but there are days where they want to lock us up in a small bottle and throw away the key. Will we let them though? Of course not. Here are 7 Lyrics we demand to know the inspiration and ideas behind, because even our brightest and best cannot seem to make sense of these lyrics.

1. Polygamous Entity Don’t Fornicate.

Shakespeare must be shaking in his grave right now with this display of pure, rich paradox. In Fella Makafui’s voice, We will not take this, not at all.

2. I smell something fishy, Aquarium.

If there is one thing we are sure of, this is the only person that can tell the whereabouts of Castro. The earlier we start to question him, the better. You are a walking Aquaman, if you are literally smelling fish all around you.

3. Them Be Weak o, Like Seven Days.

How? How can you say this? How many times did you try to find a word that rhymes? Were you down that bad? Did you have to settle for this?

4. Goodbyes are not bad byes, bad byes are from bad guys with bad vibes so bye bye.

It is his audacity to try and explain this. In what world does this mean saying bye to negative vibes? What type of bye is a BAD bye? The audacity. What do you take us for? Bunch of Nursery children? Come on.

5. I used to be a Player, Afei mey3 Goalkeeper.

Let us put the meaning of the lyrics down for a bit and address the elephant in the room. Why you are lying Sir? Why are Ghanaian men? Why?

6. I love you, but I hate your brother.

Okay so? And then what? So what? What next? Should we call the brother for you? What has this got to do with anything? Why provide us with that information? Will it save a life? What was the plan?

7. Dead, Dead, All My Friends are Dead.

This man was literally sitting in a studio with his friends all around him and still said this. What did they do to deserve this? Why are you wishing death on your friends? All they did was support you, yet when you got the chance you turned them into ghosts? Wild.



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