All The Questions You Have About Becoming A Part-Time Social Media Manager Answered By A Social Media Manager

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If you’re in school and looking for some ways to make some extra money on the side then you have probably considered making money through social media. There are several ways you can do that including becoming an influencer yourself or by managing social media accounts for small businesses. Growing a small business through social media isn’t as hard as you might think and it’s a great way to make some money even while you’re in school.

According to Kimberly Agyeman-Bediako, a social media manager with two years of experience, if you have an interest it’s not at all impossible to get yourself a job as a social media manager. These are the answers to some of the questions that you might have, courtesy of Kimberly’s own experience.

What Does Being A Social Media Manager Entail?

According to Kimberly as a social media manager, your job is to get people talking about your brand. The way that whoever hires you is going to check whether or not you’re doing a good job is through engagement on their account and through the new business that they’re getting. In her opinion, you need some writing ability, an interest in social media and having a sense of humour, she adds, is going to do wonders for you.

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Social Media Manager

Kimberly believes that one of the essentials of good brand content is having catch visuals. Most small businesses wouldn’t provide a graphic designer for you to work with. Instead, you’ll have to put together even the visual elements by yourself. Kimberly’s advice is to quickly get used to using a tool like You’ll also need to learn how to use hashtags to push your campaigns. Oh, finally, she adds, having a personality makes it easier for people to interact with the brand.

How Do You Actually Land A Job As A Social Media Manager

Once you feel that you’re ready, how do get a paying job as a social media manager? Kimberly’s first experience as a social media manager came when a friend asked her to manage their Instagram business account. Kimberly believes her friend asked because of how she managed her personal account so that’s a strong first step. Make sure your personal account looks good by posting regularly and engaging with your followers.

When you’re ready to land a job as a social media manager, it can be difficult, but you just need to reach out to businesses and try and sell yourself. You need to be confident and make sure the businesses understand the value that they’ll be getting if they hire you.



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