All The Answers To The Questions That Are Stopping You From Taking Your First Online Course

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I bet you’ve heard it said at least once that we’re lucky to be in a time where you can just go online and learn something. There are so many courses online these days that taking even a free one is as easy as going online doing a Google search and starting your new course 5 minutes later. Although that’s hardly the case. There are some things that stop most people from actually taking that online course. So we’ve got all the answers in one place. Here are all you answers you need to know if you’re thinking about taking an online course.

How Do You Stay Motivated And Finish An Online Course?

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A lot of people don’t go through with taking an online course that they’ve signed up for because there’s no accountability and they’ve lost motivation. One brain hack you can use in this case is getting a premium course instead of a free one. Get a course you’re interested in that needs to be paid for. You’re not just giving the creator some deserved cash in their pocket but once you’ve paid for a course, you’re that much more likely to complete it.

If you’re not sure about a paid course, having a friend that you talk to about your progress can help too. If you feel accountable to someone other than yourself, you’re all the more motivated to go through with your course.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Time To Take A Course?

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Another problem that people have with taking an online course is that they just don’t have enough time. Even when it’s during the vacation and you’re not going to class, you might be taking an internship and there still isn’t enough time for an online course. One thing that helps with that is using a mobile app for your course. Coursera has a great mobile app that saves your progress through lesson videos. That means you can stop in the middle of a class and come back to continue at any time.

How Can An Online Course Help You Land A Job?

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Apart from the fact that you can pick up some practical and employable skills through online courses, some courses even go further to give out certificates. Of course, that’s going to add to your CV content and make you a more attractive hire for any Human Resource manager. If you’re not sure where to find online courses that provide a certificate of completion, we’ve got quite a few of those for you:

Earn Certificates Online While You’re Home From School: Links Here

What Course Should You Take?

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A lot of people don’t truly realize the options that are available and that’s why they haven’t taken an online course yet. As long you’re interested there are so many subjects that you can find courses on. There’s even a Masterclass on making the perfect omelette. All you have to do is find a platform, look through the course catalogue and find what interests you.

Some random and fun courses you can take are Voice Acting, Animation, Coding, Marketing and so many many more.

Where Can You Can You Take An Online Course?

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On a final note, here are some great places where you can find your next online course:

These Certificate Courses From Google Will Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Job After School

Get Certificates For Your CV With These Online Courses

If you don’t mind paying, you can also check out MasterClass for courses taught by real-life experts.



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