6 Types Of Ghanaians If Squid Game Was Played In Ghana

By now you are either part of the people who watched Squid game when it first came out, or you have been bullied into watching it by all the shaped candy TikToks and constant tweets about it. Here are 6 types of Ghanaians you would have experienced if they were cast to play Squid game.

1.The “I’m Older Than You”

If the old man in Squid Game was Ghanaian, he would have guilt- tripped the younger people to die for him, because if you are truly a respectful child, you have to be willing to die for your elders. And if you disobeyed and won the money in the end, he would kill you and take it because bad children don’t deserve good things.

2. The Prayer Warriors.

If there is one thing Ghanaians are good at, it is praying to God. Even if they are planning to kill you, they will ask God to give them the weapons they need and later thank Him, when they succeed. Every morning before the game, they would gather and ask God to help them to kill each other to win the money.

3. The Internet Babies.

Young people in Ghana have lived under the “no phones allowed” rule and thrived all the way from SHS. You can’t tell me those shape-wearing men would find the phone of a Ghanaian boy/girl who has undergone Boarding School. Once they have access to the internet, the hashtags would Start to trend. #bloodonmyhands #passedtheumbrellatest #brokenglasses #stillIrise and lastly, I’m going to win this money and that’s on PUURR.

4. The Corrupted Few.

Is it really Ghana if someone doesn’t try to bribe their way into winning any of the games? As people are already in debt, you will find two or three Ghanaians trying to bribe their way to the prize money.

5. The Pandemic called Ghanaian Men.

One fact that will stand the test of time is that, Ghanaian men will use every opportunity to lie to you so they can fornicate. Even when they are on their death beds, they will want to “fall in love” with you. However, when the choice comes down to money or love, you will come crushing down like Han Mi-nyeo cause Men are what?

6. The Government.

If we are being honest, politicians are the ones with the most money in Ghana. Therefore, they will definitely be the ones hosting the squid game. We can bet that once someone emerges as the winner and takes the money, these same politicians will find a way to tax the prize money or take it from you completely.



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