6 Things You Can Say Both In The Classroom and Bedroom


On today’s episode of the power of words and in the effort of killing two birds with one stone, because we don’t have time in Accra, here are 6 things you can say both in the classroom, and in the bedroom. Take your pens, paper, or open the notes app on your phone and jot a few things down. You might need them.

1.Bend down and Touch Your Toes.

In the words of the gyal them sugar, Kidi, “shut up and bend over”!

2. You are getting a “D”

You are getting a D, You are getting a D, You are all getting D’s, powered by Oprah.

3. “You are a late comer”

The only time being a true Ghanaian and obeying the Ghana Man Time, is a good thing.

4. Clap.

If you are a fun of Thee Stallion, this is your cue.

5. Kneel Down.

Where? In the corner? On the table? Just say where please.

6. This period is over.

Therefore, we can now proceed to the next subject on the timetable.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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