5 University Courses Ghanaian Parents Respect

Ghanaian parents can be very predictable and this predictability can allow you to find your way around pleasing them. When it comes to education, for example, you’ll find that they start mentioning big courses when you’re a kid. Courses like Graphic Design and others do not make sense to them and so even if that’s what you want to do, it will take a lot of convincing before they’ll “allow” you to do it. Here are 5 university courses Ghanaian parents respect and will shout about on top of their voices.

1. Medicine

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We all know this. It is an honour for them to say that their child is in medical school and it’s their absolute dream to stand in the midst of their peers and say my son/daughter is a doctor.

2. Engineering

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“My child is an engineer” is a dream come true for Ghanaian parents.

3. Law

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Law, alongside Engineering and Medicine, are the holy trinity when it comes to Ghanaian parents and the courses they want their kids to do. Anything outside these 3 would mean you’re pushing their walls but depending on the course, that is, if it’s in our list, maybe, you’ll get a pass.

4. Pharmacy

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If you decided not to do medicine, the next thing they’ll suggest is for you to do pharmacy. After all, you’ll find the doctor and pharmacist in the hospital. The truth is that they need you to represent in the hospital.

5. Architecture

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This is for people who want to be rich in the near future. Parents will pump everything into your education because saying your child is an architect is a “Dbee” flex.

5. Computer Science

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Parents like to show that their child is also computer literate. The majority don’t even understand what computer science entails but it’s all for the flex.

6. Accounting/Finance

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Why? Because one way or another, they’ll push you into working in the bank so they can tell their friends that their child is a banker.

What other course did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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