3 Hacks You Need To Know ASAP If You’re Running Multiple Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is that platform. Sharing pictures on Instagram does so much. It allows you to know what old friends are up to, it allows creators to build audiences and it also allows people to do business. In 2021, there’s nothing unusual about having multiple Instagram accounts or running a business Instagram account as a side gig. If you’re already managing multiple accounts or you’re looking to these hacks are life-savers.

Adding Multiple Accounts/Switching Between Accounts In Your IG App

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Let’s cover the most obvious thing first. Instagram actually makes switching between accounts in the app super easy. Just go to your profile, tap your username (with the arrow next to it) at the top of the screen and press the add account button. Once you’ve added an account the same menu allows you to switch accounts (and timelines) easily.

How To Post The Same Photo/Video On All Your Accounts

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It’s a good idea to share a post from one account on other accounts by tagging the sharer account in their stories. That way you make sure you’re leveraging followers on each account on all the other accounts as well. Saying something like “Take a look at what @thatBrand is doing on their page,” will drive anyone who watches the story to that page.

There are also going to be times when you want to post the exact same post with your multiple accounts. For that, you would prefer to use Facebook’s Creator Studio.

How To Use Facebook’s All In One Solution: Creator Studio

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Creator Studio is Facebook’s own solution for managing multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts. Click here to go to the creator studio dashboard. Once you’re on the dashboard page on your computer, just click on the Instagram icon at the top and you’ll be able to switch between managing Facebook and Instagram accounts. With Creator Studio you can schedule posts to go up at different times, schedule posts to go up on multiple accounts, and even view insights from all your managed pages.

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