Twitter Answers: Is It Disrespectful If Someone Else Picks Her Up After Your Date?

Couple on date. Photo credit: Pexels

If Twitter is anything to go by then it’s not a great time to be a part of the dating scene in Accra. ‘Exhibit A’ comes from a series of tweets currently trending on Twitter timelines. One user asked if it’s a big deal when a woman you went out with is taken home by her male friend because you don’t have a car. Of course, people have very strong opinions on this and couldn’t help but leave their thoughts on the subject.

Here’s The Question. What Are Your Thoughts On This Scenario?

Apparently It’s Not Too Complicated To Understand What’s Happening

I Think Disrespect Is The Word That We’re All Looking For

For Some, This Is 100% A Dealbreaker

Here’s A Response We Bet You Didn’t See Coming

No Way Someone Actually Tweeted This 😂

Every Time A Question Like This Comes Up We Have To Wonder Where The Happy Relationships Are



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