Here Are 7 Craziest Places You Didn’t Know You Could Get Pierced

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Piercings have long moved past being on the ears alone. We regularly see people who have pierced their noses, their stomachs, and even nipples but there are more extreme places that can be pierced. If you are squeamish yet curious, you may want to read this article with one eye opened and the other closed because these weird body piercings are enough to make even the toughest onlookers feel a little queasy.

1. A hand web piercing

25 Hand Piercings That Are Completely Out Of Hand
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It’s a piercing through the web of the hand. For example; between the fore-finger and middle-finger or fore-finger and thumb. This piercing has a high rate of rejection because of the nature of the tissue and how dynamic or mobile the area is.

2. Gum Piercings

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Imagine the pain that comes with this. Look at the picture again without being squeamish.

3. Eye Piercing

We have no words.

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4. Corset Piercing On The Back

A corset piercing has piercings on your back with rings for the string to go through. This looks just as pretty as it is painful, but some brave girls are happy to have that done all along their back, legs, or wherever you can think of.

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5. Uvula

There’s a high risk of swallowing the jewellery used.

Uvula Piercing | This was pierced with a pre-bent needle hel… | Flickr
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6. Rhino Piercings

Nothing much to say here except that you need a high pain threshold.

Silver Barbell Rhino Piercing For Men
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7. Tongue web piercing

The thin tissue beneath your tongue is known as the tongue web or frenulum. Since there aren’t many blood vessels in the area, tongue web piercings are some of the most manageable piercings in terms of pain.

Why We Say No: Lingual Frenulum Piercing – Master Pierce

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