5 Things Every Extrovert Is Tired Of Hearing

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A lot of times, it’s the introverts that come out to talk about the stereotyping they get but the same thing happens to the extrovert communities too. Here are some of the things they are tired of hearing.

1. “Extroverts are always confident”

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First things first, they are human and they’ll sometimes have down moments. There are times when they don’t feel like they are on top of the world and that’s fine. Extroverts may feel confident in challenging public situations because they gain energy from other people’s energy, but that doesn’t mean they’re walking into every room with no hesitations.

2. “Extroverts can’t stay alone”

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The fact that they love it when people are around them doesn’t mean they’ll fall apart when left alone for a while. They can spend long hours on their own just like introverts. The only problem is that their energy would start to wane as they feed off the energy of the people around them.

3. “Nothing bothers you”

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Experiencing sadness is a normal human emotion. All humans experience a wide range of emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant. It is perfectly normal to experience feelings of sadness and, yes, extroverts experience it, too.

4. “Extroverts are hyper 24/7”

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In as much as extroverts crave sensations and interaction, they still need time to recharge. Socializing makes extroverts tired, too. It just takes a little longer for the fatigue to kick in.

5. “Extroverts want everyone to be like them”

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Extroverts don’t want to turn everyone else into extroverts, too. Most extroverts can appreciate that introverts simply have a different way of getting their energy, as well as relating to others. 

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