You Can’t Help But Laugh At These Throwbacks To What “The Soft Life” Was Back In The 90s

Image via @Mitok3 on Twitter

If you’re a 90s kid then you know that things have changed so much. However, even back then as a kid, you could just tell when a family was living the soft life. It wasn’t even that hard to tell because there were some status symbols that most of those families had. Twitter is sharing these throwbacks to status items from the 90s and we just had to catch you in on the action because this stuff is so accurate.

We All Remember Those Kids Who Couldn’t Wait To Get To School To Talk About Their DSTV Shows

There Was So Much Clout From Having A Foreign Breed In Your House Back Then

Yes. Yes. Definitely That Security Badge!

Driving A Mercedes Back Then? Yeah, They Were Living The Soft Life

Remember Dial Up Internet? Yes, Good Times

You Had To Wonder What They Were Watching At All That Required A Dish This Big

Another Item To Put On The List. This Stereo Could Do Everything 😂

Item Number One On The Dbee Starter Pack



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