Should You Ask Your Partner ‘What Do You Bring To The Table?’ The Internet Has Opinions

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

Let’s paint you some context. The conversation about what women bring to the table in relationships has been on the internet for some time. However, the whole debate just got restarted when a TikTok video on the subject went viral on Twitter. A woman attacking the topic talked about how it’s not appropriate for men to ask women what they bring to the table and men on the internet definitely had an issue with some of the things she had to say.

You Really Want To Watch The Original To Get Some Context For What Comes Next

Some Men Don’t Understand Why The Question Is Triggering For Women

Other Men Just Don’t Like Being Stereotyped Because They Asked A Question

Take Note: “When Asked Right.”

So What You’re Saying Is There Are Different Standards For Men Going Into A Relationship And Different Ones For Women?

Those Definitely Weren’t Her Exact Words

She Did Say She’s Never Been Asked

Something Very Important For All Men Out There To Take Note Of



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