Edmund Owusu: 21-Year-Old Software Engineer Living With Cerebral Palsy Graduates From OpenLabs

Edmund Owusu (image via NIIT Ghana)

Edmund Owusu, a 21-year-old living with cerebral palsy, has graduated from OpenLabs (formerly NIIT Ghana) with a diploma in Software Engineering.

He was among 70 students who graduated from Open Labs on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Edmund, who is into software development and data design, developed a payment application called Virtual Pay in his final year.

The app allows the transfer of money from one’s bank account to the mobile money account and vice versa.

“With the payment application, when transferring money to a loved one, you can use my application called Virtual Pay to send money to a bank account or a mobile,” he told Citi TV.

Edmund Owusu (image via NIIT Ghana)

He also built a web hosting server where app developers, programmers and organisations can host their applications and websites.

“For the web hosting server, when a developer or programmer develops a web application, he or she can host it on my server page. Any organisation or institution can host their website on my server,” he said.

Edmund, however, thinks what he has been able to achieve regardless of his condition should be an inspiration to others like him.

“I will say no matter who you are or your background, never give up so easily. You might not know what will happen tomorrow. I think standing here is a great achievement for me and also for my mom and aunt. It is a great achievement for them. They didn’t give up on me despite who I am.”

His mother also appealed for assistance to help Edmund achieve his dreams.

“Even though life was difficult for the family, we were determined to support his education, and thank God he has come this far. He has big dreams and we appeal for assistance,” she said.

Edmund, who hopes to become a renowned Software Developer in the near future, wants to continue this by pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science at Ashesi University.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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