Young Ghanaians Talk About Securing Jobs In Ghana And Their Experiences Are Eye-Opening

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

John Dumelo often finds himself at the centre of important conversations on Twitter because he does try to get the youth talking. Even if it’s for political points, it is helpful that he raises conversations around important youth problem areas such as the lack of jobs in the country. Case in point, this conversation started by @johndumelo1 helps you understand what young people think of jobs in the country while living their post-graduate reality.

This Is The Question That Started The Conversation

Her Experience Shows Signs Of A Culture Of Harassment When It Comes To Women Finding Good Jobs

Tell Me You Can’t See Cause And Effect

No Jobs. High Demand For The Few Jobs And Employers Choosing To Underpay As A Result

A Resounding Question, ‘Where You Get Go?’

And To Answer Mr Dumelo’s Question …

And Finally, We Learn The Why Of It All 😂



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