#ThatNSSLife: Here’s What You Need To Know About The NSS Registration

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The National Service Secretariat has just released postings for the 2021/2022 year group of national service persons. If you completed school this year (or are going to complete it sometime later this year) then you can go ahead and check the official NSS postings to learn where you’ve been placed for your national service. Click here to visit the secretariat’s portal to confirm the specifics of your NSS posting.

According to the secretariat, some candidates have also been put on hold pending full verification of their details. With the postings having being released it’s the perfect time to get started on your NSS registration, which can sometimes be a difficult process if you aren’t too sure which steps to follow. Luckily, they’re all outlined here:

First of all, you want to log onto the NSS website at this link in order to check your postings and print a copy of your appointment letter. Once you’ve done that you can proceed to the company where you’ve been posted and get your appointment letter endorsed by their HR with an official stamp.

It’s only then that you can visit the NSS website to schedule an appointment to go to your centre in-person to validate your acceptance. Once you’re scheduled successfully, you can go to your NSS Regional Zonal Registration Centre for validation and receive your Regional Acceptance Number (RAN).

Once you’ve completed the entire process at your centre you’ll be given a new appointment letter complete with your Regional Acceptance Number (RAN). You’ll need to make three copies of this new appointment letter. The first copy goes to your NSS district office, the second copy goes to the company where you’ve been accepted to do your service and the final letter is yours to keep.

You can also find the official registration procedure in this post below from the official account of the National Service Secretariat.

Image via the National Service Secretariat on Twitter

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