How Do I Convince My Mum That I Didn’t Have Sex With A Man For Money?

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Hello Kuulpeeps, I have a dilemma I need people’s views on.

I am a Level 200 student in UPSA doing a course I cannot disclose. I am from a relatively poor home as my mum sells charcoal in my area and my dad is a mason. I have four other siblings and the one right after me is in SHS 1.

My problem is that my parents could not afford to continue paying for my school fees. Already, I come from home to class because we cannot afford any of the hostels and during the day, I perch in one of my course mate’s room until the next lecture. I still help my mum with the charcoal but I see first-hand how the money isn’t enough. My dad hasn’t had a contract in a while and so he just goes out and comes back with no money but still expects food at the end of the day. My mum is basically the only one taking care of us.

“I had a discussion with my mum and she sadly told me that I may need to drop out so I can help her make money to keep my other siblings in school. I didn’t want to drop out. I was desperately looking for a way to be able to make money. I applied for different jobs on LinkedIn but to no avail – maybe It’s because I have no experience unless you count me selling charcoal. I tried working for certain shops in my area but my class schedule has not been favourable.”

Fast forward, a certain man befriended me a couple of months ago. He’s quite affluent and we are simply friends. Because we had been chatting for a while, I opened up to him about my financial situation. He asked me how much my fees was and I told him. He asked for my MOMO number and I sent it. Immediately, I received an alert of a huge sum of money that could cover all my school fees. I called him when I saw the alert and I told him it was too much money. He told me he didn’t mind and I needed it so I should do the needful and pay for my fees.

I told my mum about this and she immediately started crying and screaming that I was an “ashawo” and that I was sleeping with men for money. I told her it wasn’t true and I told her everything that happened again but still, she doesn’t believe me. As I’m writing to you now, she doesn’t talk to me anymore and she said she won’t consider me her daughter anymore if I use the money to pay my fees. The man even offered to come to see her and tell her that there’s nothing sexual going on between us but she said no. She doesn’t want to see him.

I’m confused. Doesn’t my mum want me to go to school? Why is she adamant about the money?? I don’t want the rest of my life to be just about selling charcoal. I really want to finish my education and help out at home. What do I do? How do I convince her that the money wasn’t gotten from “ashawo” business?


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