Brilliant Designs For A Railway Station In Accra By Kwadwo Kyei Frimpong Have Got People Talking

It’s always a good day to discover talent on the internet and you don’t even have to look too far. There is a lot of Ghanaian talent that you definitely won’t miss if you’re active on the internet. Today’s talented individual is Kwadwo Kyei Frimpong (@FrimpKyei), an architect who is trending right now because he designed and shared plans for a railway system in Accra.

You can take a look at the plans for the railway station complete with its terminal and other functionality below. Of course, this got some exciting reactions about the possibility of having a railway station in Accra and at @FrimpKyei‘s talent.

Think About It. A Functioning Train System Also Means That People Who Work In Accra Can Even Move Out Of The Capital

Big Kudos To @FrimpKyei

However, Some People Are Worried; And Rightfully, If These Things Wil Ever See Fruition

This Is Hilarious Because We Know It’s True 😂

She’s Making So Much Sense. We Need To Examine The Whole Railway System If This Is Going To Work

Can’t Let An Opportunity To Take Shots At ECG Pass Just Like That

Even Nigerians Aren’t Shying From Sharing Just How Impressed They Are By @FrimpKyei

On A Final And More Serious Note, Can You Imagine Anything More Appropriate For A Long Train Ride?



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