These Will Surely Happen When You Get A Tattoo In An African Home

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First things first, if you actually have a tattoo when you live with your Ghanaian parents, we hail you!! Osheeey, barrdesttt! You’re not easy at all!

If you plan on getting one or you’re part of the “bad bitches” who have gotten some already, these are the things that happen when you go get a tattoo in an African home.

1. You try talking yourself out of getting one

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Why? Because when you do, you know that you will be sacked from your house and be disowned. African parents are just dramatic and like to make noise about everything. There will probably be a family meeting held because of this.

2. You convince yourself

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Because whose body is it? Yours! Do you owe anyone any explanation?? Nope! Your body, your rules.

3. To ask for permission or not?

Do you need to ask for permission? Nope, because that would be a definite no and going behind their backs will cause another issue on its own. It would mean you disrespected them. If you go and come back, chances are, it would be on your body for a while before they see it and when they do, it would be too late.

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4. Reconsideration

You’ve watched all the tattoo videos you can watch but they didn’t prepare you for the physical one on your body. Once you see it happening to someone in real life, you start to wonder if a tattoo is really necessary. Can’t you live without it? But obviously, you’ll go ahead and get it done because you’re a bad bitch/guy and nobody can say otherwise.

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5. Screams


Screams from who? Your mum, when she finally sees the reason why you’ve been avoiding her. She will shout and scream like someone is dead… which technically may be true because that little boy/girl she knew is gone. To her, you’ve gone to join a bad gang.

6. Family meetings

To advise you and tell you that the path you’re following is leading you astray and you were not brought up in such a home. Why do you want to disgrace the family name with the tiny tattoo of a heart you’ve put on your skin?? 🙄🙄

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7. Talk with your pastor/priest

Because maybe if they scare you with the Bible and with Heaven and Hell, maybe you won’t do that again.


8. Threats of disownment

When everything fails, one thing they know probably touch your heart and bank account is when they threaten to disown you. This will really sting especially if you’re under their roof and still rely on them for money.


9. Resignation

Eventually, they’ll accept that the tattoo is there forever. They won’t understand why you did it but they will accept that it’s a part of you now.

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If you were looking for a sign to go get that tattoo, this is it.


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