These 5 Types Of People Need Our Help… Immediately!

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After a long hard look at their lives, we’ve realised that certain people really need our help. We need to join hands and pray for them because that’s the only thing that can help them at this point. Here are 5 people who need our help immediately.

1. Those who eat Avocado

Say what you want about the fruit but we are convinced that those who eat it have no taste buds. How do you eat something that doesn’t have a taste without being forced? Are you okay with this?

2. They sleep with the lights on

Who is pursuing you in the darkness? Why don’t you want to relax and sleep? Is it witchcraft?

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3. They never want to leave their homes

Yet for some odd reason, they want you to visit them. What is going on in your house? Once again, is it witchcraft? Abi you can see that there’s something wrong with you?

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4. They live in Accra

It’s only in Accra that certain things happen. It’s only in Accra that a restaurant can charge GHS 50 or even more for only 3 “boflots” and people will be defending them and actually patronize them. At the end of the day, these people come and say that we are not the target audience. We hail you.

5. Trotro drivers

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Really think about it. Most of them are always angry for no reason in the mornings. They cross other cars anyhow on the road and are always in some type of a hurry. They need all the love they can get at home so we on the road don’t bear the consequences chale.

Who else did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.


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