If You’re New To Twitter Take These Notes From The Twitter OGs

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image via Twitter//@Lucas_Marton_

One thing that you’ll hear from a significant number of people is that they tried Twitter and it wasn’t really for them. The reason is that Twitter, Ghanaian Twitter especially, has different rules that set them apart from the other types of social media platforms. In fact, these tips from some Twitter veterans show exactly what we mean and will help make your stay on Twitter more enjoyable if you’re new.

I Was Left Wondering What An Avi Was For The Longest Time 😭

This Is An Important One To Remember, Especially If You’re Easily Offended

Probably Because Someone Would Find A Way To Offended By It


Chain Mail Doesn’t Get Too Far On Twitter


Don’t Start A Fight On Twitter If You Don’t Have The Dictionary App Open

On Twitter, People Hardly Take Things At Face Value

On Twitter, Your Pictures Go Side By Side

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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