Here’s The Dark Side Of Studying Law In Ghana That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Graduates of the Ghana School of Law, 2020

Just recently, we celebrated with new entrants who got into law school. However, even as we shared those celebrations, we knew that certain things were being left unsaid.

Only 790 students passed the law school entrance exam (that’s about only 28% of people who took the exam). Law is a tough course, we’ve all heard that. What we don’t hear often is how that affects the mental health of students reading the program. What we don’t hear often, is this:

‘Glorifies Suffering.’ Such A Strong Turn Off Phrase

Students Are Asking For Just A Little Compromise When It Comes To Paying Fees

It’s 2021 And Institutionalized Mental Healthcare Is Still Far Behind

No One Has It As Easy As People Seem To Think

This Simply Shouldn’t Happen

Overwhelmed. So Many Are Overwhelmed But Don’t Have An Option

Whew … That’s A Lot Of Reading

Mental Health Is A Priority



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