Dynasto Alfredo: Self-Taught Game Developer Creates Another Fun Ghanaian Game – Bullet 31

Bullet, Action Game Created by Dynasto Afedo

If you haven’t heard about Dynasto Alfredo yet, let’s catch you up expeditiously. Dynasto is a self-taught game developer who made an instantly famous racing game with a Ghanaian twist. The game saw you racing ‘trotros’, taxis and other Ghanaian vehicles in parts of Ghana.

We interviewed Dynasto and you can read that full feature here:

Dynasto Afedo: The Self Taught Game Developer Who Created The Ghanaian Car Racing Game

Recently Though, Dynasto Has Released Another Great Ghanaian-Made Game, And This Time, It’s An Action Game

Bullet 31 is a fun game to play casually and it’s only about 50MB. You can get it for both Android and iOS here.

You’re really going to have fun with the afrobeat soundtrack and the Ghanaian locations are also crafted really well.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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