Groomsman Asked Leave Wedding Because Of His Earrings – Should He Have Taken Them Off?

Chef Opeyemi. Photo credit: Chef Opeyemi/Twitter

We all know that in this part of the world, a large part of society is quite traditional and people give things more significance than in the West. For example, here, you might get kicked out from a church wedding even if you’re a groomsman because it doesn’t sit right with the Reverend that you have earrings on in the church.

It happened over the weekend to @ChefOpeyemi and he was very upset:

No One Is Saying That This Isn’t The Case. However, There Were Other Things At Stake …

This Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Moment For Your Friend, Right?

And We All Know Weddings Especially Bring Out The More Traditional Parts Of Our Society

This Guy Does Make A Good Point

And In The End, This Is How It Comes Off

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