Ghanaians Talk About The Worst Airlines They’ve Used And The Reviews Are Priceless

image via Dreamstime

If you’re looking for real and unbiased reviews then you should definitely get on Twitter. No matter what the service is, if you aren’t doing it right, then you best believe that people are going to leave bad reviews… even if you’re an international airline. A question @thenanaaba asked on the timeline triggered responses about Ghanaian airlines. The responses were hilarious but they are people’s honest opinions nonetheless.

That’s Quite Disturbing

If You’ve Been In One Of Those Trotros You Know How Hilarious This Is

Did This Man Just Say He Would Rather Walk?

Thank You For Reminding Us Of What’s Important


What Does This Even Mean?

For Those Of Us Less Travelled, We’ll Just Have To Weigh In On The Conversation At Another Time



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