All The Things That Happen When Your Partner Visits You At Home For The First Time

cute black couple image via
cute black couple image via

If you have an African parent and you want to try this, we at will automatically assume that you’re part of Gen Z because the others will never EVER attempt it. The only time you’ll see them with someone of the opposite sex is when it’s time for marriage and they’re introducing their partner. Here are all the things to expect when bringing a partner home just for the fun of it.

1. Your parents’ face when you ask them for permission.

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2. You, after they agree to let your “friend” come over.

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3. When your so-called “friend” enters the house.

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4. Suddenly, everyone has something to do around where you two are seated.

5. Your mum, when you suggest that the two of you go to your room for privacy.

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6. Your older siblings will try engaging with your partner and do the whole “don’t break his/her heart otherwise we will find you” thing.

7. Once it’s 6 pm, your parents will start giving you hints so the person leaves.

8. When they leave, the proper teasing will start😹😹

9. Your parents will still ask if you’re both “just friends” or something more, even though they know the true answer isn’t what you’ll tell them.

10. Your family members when you bring another “friend” after 6 months.

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