5 Items You Own That Want To Beat You

We were called by some items you own, to relay a simple message to you and as such we are here to do exactly that. This is the final warning which must not be taken lightly, as after this article, if care is not taken, these items might rise, riot and beat you.

1. Your Passport.

You have had this passport for close to 10 years, yet there is not a single stamp in it. You keep a soft copy and proudly pull it out when you need an ID, as if that is its only purpose. Maybe you want to write a story on the empty pages in the passport.

If not, what are you doing keeping an empty book in your wardrobe? Instead of buying all that food and clothes you don’t even wear, use your money to travel and save your passport the disgrace.

2. Your Sponge.

How long has it been? How many relationships have come and gone and you are still using the same sponge from when you first went on a date? Come on, the least you could do is let your sponge spend the rest of its life, free, after all the places it has entered for you.

3. Your Toothbrush.

The problem is here is, your toothbrush is working with your sponge and they are the active leaders of this rebellion. It has been too long and if you don’t get a new one soon, you will choke on your toothbrush bristles. They said we should warn you, this is not a threat (or maybe it is).

4. Your ATM.

It is really the audacity you have to put your ATM in your wallet/purse, when you are going out. Can you actually pay for anything with it? How much do you have in it that you are carrying it around like it can sort out the bills. Can you please leave it at home so it can rest?

It has been so long since it even tasted money and yet you will be pushing it into every POS and ATM Machine, as if you don’t know the state of your own body. Why are you disgracing yourself?

5. Your Alarm.

Why are you lying to yourself? You are not as serious as you want yourself to believe. Even with the 5 alarms you set before bed, you are still almost always late for work. If even you are lying to yourself, why shouldn’t the other gender lie to you? Think about it.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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