5 Things Ghanaian Men Are Tired Of

Ghanaian men and particularly their mental health, are very important to us. By reason of their faithfulness to Ghanaian women, we have decided to inform the general public of the things Ghanaian men are tired of so that we can help maintain their happiness and protect their mental health.

The Fact That They Can’t Understand Ghanaian Women

It is best to attack an animal right on the head and because of that, we are beginning with the first thing that stresses Ghanaian men out. Dear ladies, when you are asked “what’s wrong”, please stop saying “nothing” while carrying the attitude of 24 women on your head.

Trotro Drivers And Their Antics On The Road

Even the calmest of men, lose it at the sight of trotro drivers. These drivers will cross you without showing an indication and have the audacity to get angry when you speak. Why can’t they just stay in their lanes? If you are in the car with a Ghanaian man and a Trotro driver crosses him, instead of telling him to calm down, why not buy him chilled water to cool his heart?


There is no broken heart more deadly than the ‘promise and fail’ of your mechanic. Every guy has experienced a mechanic who tells you that the problem is from your battery, takes “millions” to change the said battery and 3 days later your car can’t start and there you are in your white cotton shirt, already late for work, sweating with grease on your face.

Pressure From Fraud Boys

It’s already hard enough to convince these women to date you. It takes a series of lies and pretending to be a hopeless romantic, to convince them to be in a monogamous talking stage with you. After you have successfully secured the girl, you now have to compete with the guy buying her the latest Apple products, bone straight, Dubai trips and money bouquets on vals day. When will our Ghanaian men catch a break??

Police Men And Their Wahala

Can Ghanaian men dye, loc or braid their hair and drive at night without being suspected to be Ghana’s next Pablo Escobar? It’s the fact that they have to pay something small, just because they have pierced their ears or they have tattoos.



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