These Are Hilarious Reasons Why Ghanaians Apply To Scholarships In the USA And Canada But Not Australia

Photo by Jacob Pilatoe from Pexels

We all know the Ghanaian dream is to be anywhere but here. However, people have recently started wondering if that’s even the case. After all, why do we apply to study in programs in the USA and Canada but hardly ever in Australia? Isn’t studying in Australia also part of the Ghanaian dream? Brace yourself for some of the funny things that the internet has to say about this.

Not The Stew 😭

And This Is Why The Applications Go To The USA And Canada

The Ending Of This Is The Funniest Thing Ever 😂

Obviously The Kangaroos Aren’t Walking On The Streets. Are They? 😳

Twitter Remains Undefeated 😂

We Know What’s Going On

LOL. Last One. Last One



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