I Kissed Another Guy And Now My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Me

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Hi Kuulpeeps, I’m Jemima, a level 300 student at KNUST. My problem is quite simple.

I have been dating this guy for about a year now. He’s also in Tech. The problem is that we have been drifting apart for about 3 months now because I sort of cheated on him. I mistakenly kissed my coursemate at the beginning of last semester and couldn’t handle the guilt, so I told my boyfriend about it. It put a strain on our relationship but he told me he has forgiven me because I told him about it.

“Fast forward to now, we don’t talk as much anymore. On certain days, it feels like we are back on track. On other days too, it feels like I’m back to square one, trying to figure out how to save my relationship. I don’t think he’s cheating though. I just feel like he’s genuinely hurt. We are currently on vacation and he lives in Accra while I am in Kumasi. Everything feels worse because I cannot pop up in his room to “say hi” when he isn’t responding to my texts or calls. “

He says he’s busy with his internship. I’m also doing an internship but I get time to call and text him. Why isn’t he doing the same thing for me? Do I give up on my relationship? I didn’t have sex with anyone; it was just a kiss.

I think he still loves me based on the way we chat sometimes but at other times too, I feel like I’m bothering him. What do I do since this is my fault?

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