6 Skincare Tips Nobody Wants To Hear Ever Again


We are tired of all the generic things some of you say on social media about how you got your skin looking great meanwhile, you’re just lucky to be one of God’s favourites. If you know that these 6 points are the answers or pieces of advice you’ll give when someone asks about your skincare routine, then just keep it to yourself. We don’t want to know.

1. Drink water and mind your business

As opposed to what? We keep drinking water but the only thing that keeps happening is us running to the washroom every 5 minutes to pee. Have we offended you in any way?? Why will you punish us like this??

2. Stop touching your face

Granted. This is good advice but so when we stop, the blackheads and acne will disappear? Is that how your own face became clear? Tell us the truth!

meme via memes.zikoko.com

3. You need to wash your pillowcase

Because you think we are dirty like some of you? Respect yourself, please.


4. It will go. Just leave it

If you won’t tell us your secret say it with your chest and stop passing through the corners!


5. I use only shea butter

You are lying and we both know it but it’s alright. Our God will fight our battles for us.

Image of a meme via memes.zikoko.com

6. Stop eating groundnut

That one is not your business. Answer the question we’ve asked. How did you get clear skin?


What other response annoys you to the core? Let us know in the comments section.

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