5 Things Men Should Never Do According to Women on Twitter

Aside from the laws that actually govern us, once you are on Twitter, it seems you are bound to some other laws of conduct. A few women have pointed out some occurrences that men should never be in, simply because well, they are men. We decided to list 5 of them down for men trying to score the love of their lives on the timeline.

Shout Insults In Accra Traffic

This is number one because it is the first and most important red flag. As a car owner in Accra, it will be a shame if you are shouting at the trotro driver who refused to show his traffic indicator and damaged your car. As a good man, you are supposed to swallow your anger and fix your own car later. Imagine your girl sitting next to you and you are hurling insults in Ga?

Run From Kwashee Boys

Are they not your fellow men? So why are you running and leaving the girl you couldn’t live without behind? Yes, they may have weapons and be extremely muscular, but you should be able to face them and defend your girl because that’s what men do. What is a small knife compared to your entire body?

Use A RainCoat/Umbrella

According to our ladies, as a man, you are supposed to face the rain with your chest. Why are you running away from ordinary rain? A macho man like you? Please do better. You are from a generation of men who fought wars. World wars and Cold War, ordinary rain and you are looking for shelter? Please.

Being A Shy Guy

Shyness is a gene that belongs to only the feminine gender. Why are you trying to possess this gene so bad? Aren’t men supposed to be fearfully made? Why is a fearful person shy? It does not add up gentleman. It does not.

Watch K Dramas

If we are being honest, the women-only watch K drama because of Goo Joon Pyo’s beauty. So you get the drift? What are you a guy watching them for?

Here is the gospel according to our women on Twitter.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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