Why You Shouldn’t Sneak Off To See Your Boyfriend In The Night

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If we are being honest with ourselves, we would admit that we’ve all considered sneaking out at some point in our lives. It’s hard to adjust to living with your parents when you’ve experienced the freedom living on campus gives you. The late-night movements, coming to your room at dawn and moving in and out as and when you please. When on vacation, you may not have such freedom at home and so you may be tempted to sneak out in the night every now and then. We want to sort of play the devil’s advocate today. Here are all the reasons why you should reconsider sneaking out in the night this vacation.

1. Your parents may find out

Imagine going to do whatever and coming back thinking that you’re all in the clear, only to see your parents sitting in the hall with canes asking you to explain where you’re coming from. Does going out in the night still seem like a good idea?

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2. You can get “kwasheyed”

They would also leave you in the middle of nowhere… in the dark… all alone… with nothing on you. Do you still want to go and collect “preeq” in the night or should we keep trying to convince you?

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3. What will you tell God?

Think about it. Something happens to you and you die and you reach Heaven’s gate. God sees you and he’s confused because technically, you’re not supposed to be dead until later but there you are and he asks “what happened?”. How will you tell him you were on your way to or coming from a fornication session when you died? Isn’t that how you’ll enter hell?


4. Increase in kidnapping cases

Chances are, you’re not going to tell anyone anything. You just want to up and ghost for a little while and come back home before anyone realises what has happened but that’s a really scary thing to do considering the number of recent kidnapping cases. Too many people are missing and it’s hard to find any leads on them. Be smart. Don’t put yourself and your family in an uncomfortable situation.

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5. You can have an accident and no one would know

Think deeply about what you’re about to do. Even if you told your sibling, if anything happens to you, they would blame themselves for not talking you out of it or saying something to your parents.

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