Reactions To Messi’s First Goal At PSG Prove That It Was Worth The Wait

Lionel Messi. Photo credit: Messi/Instagram

After an absolutely ridiculous transfer season, Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of our time, played his first game for PSG late in August. Since his debut game, fans and haters alike have been waiting to see if Messi would live up to his name. Yesterday, after scoring a spectacular goal, Messi had the entire internet in a riot, as you’ll see below.

This Is The Goal Everyone Is Talking About, In Case You Missed The Match

As If Messi Fans Needed Another Reason To Venerate Their GOAT

It Sucks To Be A Manchester City Fan On The Internet Right Now

He Really Had No Reason To Flex Like That

Even If You Prefer Ronaldo Please Give This Man His Props

Even Those Who Lost Faith Have Seen It Restored

A Humble King Putting His Body On The Line To Block Even The Lowest Shots

We Stan A GOAT Who Knows How To Spread The Love

Maybe It’s This Ultimatum From A Fan He’s Never Met That Woke Our GOAT Up



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