Kwame Koda: Telling Visual Stories Through The Unique Art Of Conceptual Photography

Kwame Koda

Kwame Koda is a photographer and creative director at Kodafix Studios, as well as a full-time creative entrepreneur specializing in creating visual content for both local and international brands through visual art and storytelling.

His journey to becoming a photographer started with his love for art. He discovered his passion for art at a very young age and translated that into drawing and painting. Photography, however, came into the picture when he was in high school.

Kwame Koda

“I started experimenting with other mediums of expressing myself artistically,” he said. “I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 at the time and it was always interesting playing with my own setups at home.”

At some point in high school, the phone got seized, but Kwame had decided that photography was the path he wanted to take so he continued to learn and explore to become better.

“What intrigues me the most about photography is the ability to capture and save beautiful memories that can be used as reference points, in a way that you can always imagine yourself in a different place anytime you chance upon a particular picture. It’s like having a vivid image of a beautiful memory that allows you to escape reality and time travel,” he revealed.

Kwame Koda’s creative process is inspired by his emotions and how he uses colour tones to express his mood most of the time.

Explaining how this works, he said: “If the image is colourful, I’m in a happy mood, if it’s darkish and it has a strange concept to it then I must really be going through it.”

His ability to use colours is, however, key to the forms of photography that he specializes in and the messages he communicates through his works. Kwame Koda is known for portraiture, surrealism, commercial and fashion photography.

“I think the way I play with colours is different, and I’m a bit spontaneous with the way I switch between surrealism and the usual traditional way of photography. I have a huge interest in the message my work carries and as such, I do my best to communicate very openly with the way I use colours and photo manipulation,” he said.

He also draws inspiration from other creatives, which he says is necessary, because he doesn’t want to lose track of what’s new in the field.

The kind of photography work Kwame Koda produces, however, is mostly inspired by the works of some renowned creatives like Elizabeth Gilmore, Joshua Kissi, Tyler Mitchell, Creations of La & Corey Wilson.

He has, so far, worked and collaborated with over 60 brands including Samsung, 4dx Ventures, Lance Gross (Rajwa Experience), Mercedes Benson, Dear Katiopae, Foveros, Afrokosmo, Homeland; and looks forward to working with the likes of Vogue, Dazed, Adidas, Puma, Wizkid, Davido and Drake in the near future.

“I’m currently working hard to achieve my personal goals and I believe it will all happen very soon, it’s just a matter of time.”

Kwame Koda (Photo Credit: Kiko)

Kwame Koda further indicated his anticipation for his upcoming photography exhibition later this December.

“I hope to leave a memorable mark and bring to life a wonderful display of creativity and talent at my upcoming photography exhibition. I promise each and everyone attending, a wonderful experience at the “Art & Mind” Exhibition with Kwame Koda this December!”


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