7 People Share How They Maintained Their Relationships During The Long Vac

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The long vacation can put a strain on your relationship if you’re not careful. This is when everyone is sort of busy trying to balance internships with their regular social life. For some, it’s a lot and so it tends to affect their personal lives including their relationships. For others, a long vacation means long-distance relationships as some people go back home to different regions in the country. We asked a number of people how they managed to keep their relationships hot while on long vac and these are what they had to say.

1. Bernard

So I was dating someone who didn’t live in Accra. She was in Sunyani. When it was time for long vac, she would have to go back home and so the only thing we could do was to keep texting and calling each other the whole time but it was really cool and fun. The odd thing was that it was when we got back to school that she started acting up. I don’t think handling your relationship during long vac is as hard as people make it to seem.

2. Annette

My relationship with my partner at the time was always rocky during vacations. I have strict parents and leaving home for no “good” reason always raised eyebrows so I was always indoors even though we were both in Accra. On the days we actually met, it was at the Accra mall and I had to lie to my parents to be able to leave home.

3. Kuuku

Erm my girlfriend did most of the job, making sure things were still going on well 😅. She did most of the calling and made us text a lot to keep up with each other. It wasn’t easy cos I’m not the type that likes communicating on the phone. I’m more of a person who likes face to face interactions. But we couldn’t meet so I had to resort to phone communication. It was hard for me but I had to compromise because of love 😂. For advice, partners need to figure out what works for their relationship when they are not around each other. For me, we had to use constant phone communication, and we even still do now. And sending nice randoms to each other is also very essential. Lol

4. Jones

My girlfriend and I kept our bond strong through phone calls and texts because she was in the Eastern Region and I was in Accra. It was really hard to meet physically and so we made do with the calls and texts. I would advise that students in relationships who are on long vac to try as much as possible to meet each other often especially if you’re both living in the same region. If you’re far apart, social media and facetime will save you.

5. Eva

Everything was still smooth in my relationship. We were still seeing each other and hanging out and talking on the phone and texting. There was nothing extraordinary about long vac for us.

6. Margaret

I basically tried to keep us talking throughout the day. We went out a couple of times- usually to places where we could do some activity like go-karting, mini-golf or see a movie or some church programs somewhere. We didn’t go out all the time because of home restrictions and all that. So once in two weeks or so and we mainly did online stuff. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Video calls, Sharing memes 😂 Ermm online games. A few times we picked a particular book to read for a period and discuss it at the end of the day.

7. Emmanuel

Long vac really dealt with my relationship. It was not easy for me because she was in a different town and she couldn’t come back to Accra until school reopened. The first week, you will talk saa but it will get boring and one of you will get busy eventually so you just have to know your schedules and work your way around it.

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