Ghanaians Are Split About 1 Cedi And 2 Cedis Notes Being Taken Out Of Circulation

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The Bank of Ghana has recently announced its plans to phase out 1 cedi and 2 cedi notes from circulation. Of course, people have something to say about that. Although, the 1 cedi and 2 cedi coins will still be in use people are split as to whether or not the announcement is good news or the opposite.

When You Look At Things From This Point Of View It Does Make Sense

However, People Are Worried About What This Change Could Mean

Just To Be Clear, This Would Be The New Normal

And For Everyday Life, Here’s What That Means

Trotro Drivers Everywhere Are Crying

The Youth Are Asking The Important Questions

And Of Course, It Wouldn’t Be Ghanaian Twitter If You Didin’t Leave Crying Your Heart Out



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