8 perfect Outfits You Can Wear To A Picnic This Vacation

Vacation is here and it’s the perfect time to meet all your friend groups for various hangout sessions. One way to do that is to go for a picnic. We love this idea because it means you’ll all be in an open space considering the fact that there’s still COVID-19 lurking around. If you’re wondering, what to wear, here are the picnic outfit ideas that will make you feel and look wonderful as the perfect picnic day.

1. Nothing quite screams “picnic chic” like a maxi dress look. Whether you choose to copy her look or opt for a neutral coloured maxi dress, this outfit idea is perfect for your next picnic.

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2. If you’re looking for an outfit idea that you probably already own, look no further than these simple types of dresses. Just pair your favourite minidress with a pair of converse/sandals and some of your favourite jewellery so that you can worry about the important things (like getting the perfect snacks).

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3. Apart from these mini dresses, you can get puff-sleeve dresses paired with sandals or mules.

Image via jannicetagoe on Instagram
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4. Sometimes, all you need is a romper paired with a hat, sandals, and the woven bag has that je ne sais quoi that’s required for any picnic no matter where in the world you are.

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5. A cutout bodysuit and denim shorts provide the perfect outfit for a laidback picnic with close friends —don’t forget the sunscreen. 

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6. If you’re tired of the dress and skirt looks, you can try trousers and a bralette. Opting for your favourite pair of jeans along with a halter top and sneakers is the epitome of an effortlessly chic look.

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