6 Ways To Know Your Entanglement Wants To Trap You


If we could kindly borrow one word from Jada, you are reading this article because you are thinking that your entanglement buddy may be on the verge of trapping you. You only signed up for short term and now he/she is looking to modify the agreement. If he/she is doing any of these 6 things, you should start penning your “ghosting” text.

1.When he/she sends more than 2 laughing emojis.

Ask yourself, are you that funny? On a normal day how many of your friends laugh at your jokes? They cannot even identify when you are joking or when you are serious. So why is this person sending more than 2 laughing emojis? You better climb out of that trap.

2. Responding to a “WYD” text with details instead of “NM”.

This is a theory you can test by sending him/her a “wyd” text. If he/she replies with a detailed text concerning what they are doing, just know that you will soon be wearing a wedding ring. However, if he/she replies with “nothing much” safe to say, your enjoyment continues forever.

3. When He/She Appears In Your Dream.

Why are you entangling yourself with someone who has the gods on speed dial? Are you not afraid? You can only fast to break this bond because if the gods decide you deserve each other, you will wake up to wedding bells.

4. When he/she starts insulting you.

Familiarity they say breeds disrespect. He/She has gotten so comfortable with the idea of you that he/she has started insulting you with “your big head” and other things. Insults is the additional love language that experts forgot to add because their survey did not get to Ghanaians in time.

5. Buying you food.

The sure way to anyone’s heart is through food. What business does he/she have providing food for you? If he/she starts feeding you without you asking, then you have to start looking for an exit strategy.

6. Texting You Everyday.

Before you met me didn’t you have friends? Why are texting me everyday Brian? What do you want us to talk about every single day? In an entanglement? Free me please.

Better safe than sorry guys. Be on the look out.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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