4 Awkward Things You Have To Navigate When You Sleep Over For The First Time

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Whether this is a casual hookup or someone you’ve been seeing for a while, your first sleepover with the person can be equally exciting and awkward at the same time—and we’re not even talking about the sex. Check out some of the uncomfortable and kind of hilarious things that always happen the first time you sleep at a new guy’s place.

1. Trying to hide your morning breath

Especially if you eat something like indomie with a lot of onions in it. If you sleep without brushing your teeth, the next morning, you will obviously be blowing fumes. It’s an uncomfortable situation and extremely awkward since you’ll be trying every means possible to avoid talking until you brush.

2. You don’t know how you can go take a dump

This is especially for those who have trained their bodies to visit the loo every morning. You’ve slept and woken up and now you want to go use the washroom but you’re shy because you know you’ll take a little longer in there and by the time you leave that side of town, the place will be stinking but you still gotta do what you gotta do.

3. You’re not sure which side of the bed is his

This is a little weird because everyone has the side of the bed they want to sleep at and you don’t want to “offend” the person. You’re just hanging around trying to figure out where they seem to feel more comfortable so you move to the other side.

4. Finding out the next morning that you snored in your sleep

Lmao! This is very embarrassing especially when you had no idea that you did that. Now you’re there trying to think back to see if you did that at any of your previous escapades.

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