We Know What People Are Always Doing On Their Phones: These Are The Most Used Apps In The World

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Have you ever wondered what other people are doing when they spend all their time on their phones? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. These are the most downloaded apps all over the world. They’re the essential apps that most people can’t live without.


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There are just over 7 billion people in the world, but WhatsApp has 5.875 billion downloads worldwide. And to be honest, that’s not really surprising considering that when someone says ‘I’ll text you,’ they mean that they’re going to send you a WhatsApp message.


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It’s funny the number of scandals that Facebook has been involved in. However, not even all of those scandals, plus the privacy violations they’ve committed can make people stop using the app. It has 5.478 billion downloads.

Facebook Messenger

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You realize how big a part Facebook is in people’s lives when it has two spots on the list of top apps. We still don’t understand why a messenger can’t fit into the main app, but Messenger has 4.756 billion downloads.


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With three spots on a list of popular apps, you begin to understand why Mark Zuckerberg has so much money. Instagram has 2.796 billion downloads.

Subway Surfers

Image of Subway Surfers Game

The last spot on the list goes to a pretty fun phone game. It’s hard to believe a game made it onto a list of essential apps, but Subway Surfers is just that app. It has 1.249 billion downloads.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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