This Is Why It’s Important For Universities To Admit Students With Grade D7

Senior High School students studying

The WASSCE is one of the more important examinations in the life of Ghanaian teenagers. It’s the exam that decides whether or not you’re going to be able to get into university. And under the current system, you won’t get into a university if you get a D7 grade in one of your subjects that are considered.

However, the education minister has asked that universities accept students who get a D7 (50% in a subject) grade into their schools. These are some of the reactions that show why accepting D7 is important, and some reactions of people who disagree entirely.

Looking At Things From A Picture View This Is Why Universities Admitting Grade D7 Is Important

Should The Minimum Cut-Off Point Be Adjusted For Some Subjects?

Does It Even Matter If The Cutoff Is Changed On Paper And Not In Practice?

Even If The D7 Grade Is Accepted, Are Those Students Going To Get Into The University?

In The End, This Is The Simple Truth

But that also doesn’t mean that just asking universities consider students with a D7 is going to bring about the positive change of more students being accepted into the university. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the minimum grade accepted by universities changing.



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