#ThatNSSLife: What Your NSS Experience Would Be If You Were Nigerian

Ghanaians and Nigerians are in a toxic relationship in terms of food, culture, music and arts. Just like we do here, they also have a “national service” programme for the youth . Although they serve the same purpose, our Nigerian brothers and sisters go about it very differently than we do. Here are 5 things you would be doing differently if you were in Nigeria.

1. The Name of the Program.

In Ghana, we call our service the National Service scheme and the participants, the National Service Personnel. However, our brothers and sisters in Nigeria are called “Corpers” because their scheme is called the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

2. The Uniforms.

In Nigeria, there is an official uniform for all corpers to wear, unlike Ghana where you get your NSS cloth later and it’s not compulsory to wear. They get to save money because they go to work in these uniforms. Imagine not having to shop for corporate clothes and shoes like here in Ghana from these overpriced instagram stores.

3. The Training.

When you go for your NSS orientation and come back complaining about the long hours and the absence of proper item 13, remember that your age mates in Nigeria are training like soldiers going to war, all for the sake of youth development. You should really give your first 559 to God, to thank Him for placing you in Ghana.

4. The Allowance.

The current state of affairs, have majority of us feeling like 559 for national service allowance is impractical. Considering transportation and lunch, we would hope Showboy would round up the amount. In Nigeria, the government pays Corpers N33,000 as their monthly allowance. We leave it to you, to convert to Ghana cedis and tell us how you would survive in this hot Accra.

5. The Universal Struggle.

When it’s time for NSS posting in Ghana, everyone tries to contact their “connection man” to either link them to a company that pays more than 559 or a place where they retain personnels. In all this connection, if you don’t know anyone, your story is sad. In Nigeria however, people hustle for the state they will be posted to. This is because some of the states, add small allowance to the Federal government’s allowance.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com



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