Surviving Ghana: 5 Young Adults Talk About The Stress Of Living At Home With Mum And Dad

A son and his mother. Photo credit: Pexels

Back in basic school, we craved freedom and/or independence from our parents or the adults in our lives who kept telling us what do and not to do.

That is why some of us chose to go to boarding schools. We also welcomed the chance to go to the university with open arms because it meant living away from home.

We even dare say that there are people who deliberately choose to do their National Service in another region just to have an excuse to live away from home.

However, as life would have it, we still find our away back to the home of our parents or guardians from time to time.

Especially for those who live in cities such as Accra, as a young adult with a new job or even in between jobs, the best move is to live at home with mum and dad.

That’s because raising two years advance rent for a landlord or lady who charges even GHS 250 a month could be a huge ask.

However, we also acknowledge the fact that for a young adult having to navigate a professional and social life while living at home could also be a huge task.

As a result, we decided to talk to a few people who are living at home with parents or guardians to gain a sense of how they are serving living their best young adult lives or not being able to live that life.

This is part of our surviving Ghana series this month where we are taking a deep dive into understanding how young people are surviving their different lived experiences in the country.


I do have a full time job, however, things became a bit though after the lockdown. I was not able to raise enough money for rent so I moved back home. Initially, it was all good and fun and now it’s a little challenging. Sometimes, I just leave home when I’d rather be in my room so that they don’t rely on me too much for household chores. I don’t mind helping out, I guess I don’t want it to be my responsibility.


After the university, I moved back home. I did my NSS right here (Accra) so I lived at home. After NSS, things became a tricky with money and work, however, now I do have a job but I’m still at home. I am sort of a good child and my parents know my boyfriend. Except that he can’t sleep over as I know he probably would have if I had my own place. However, I’m just grateful I don’t have rent to pay. I hear the stories and they are horrible.


I have considered leaving home several times and get a place closer to work. However, the rent alone would swallow my salary, so I have not been able to move. I do want to get my own place, especially to cut back on the constant checking up to know where I am at all times. Mum and dad keep checking up. Sometimes it’s cute but it can get overbearing.


I love to go out and have fun with my friends. As someone who is living at home, that will obviously be challenging irrespective of who your parents are and how open they are. The good thing is, I don’t have a curfew anymore. We have a deal though, which is that they have to know where I am going. This is hard sometimes because I don’t want to tell them everything. It’s not about getting their permission, we have passed that point a long time ago.


Mine is different because I live with a big brother and his wife. Sometimes, I leave the house and go sit at the mall for nothing because I want some distance between myself and his wife. I fear that if we get too familiar with each other we might have some sort of misunderstanding and I don’t want that to happen.

Everyday is a struggle and most young adults are just trying to float above water in this country. Parents are fun and living at home can be equally fun, however, most people who are living at home are not doing it because it is their preferred choice. Nonetheless, they’ve got to survive and living at home with all of its stress is often the best bet.


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