#FixTheMotorway: After Asking For Years Road Users Are Still Unhappy With The Accra-Tema Motorway

The Accra-Tema motorway is a very important stretch of road connecting people who live in Tema to the rest of Accra. The sheer number of people that use that road alone makes any pothole that much more dangerous, and yet we see even more dangerous things on that stretch of road.

Over the years, people have taken to the internet to protest:

In 2017 People Talked About The Poor State Of The Road

In 2018 …

People have complained every year after as well. In 2019, 2020 and even now in 2021, people are trying to bring attention to the dangerous state of the motorway:

Nothing Is Being Done And Tempers Are Rising


There Have Been Interventions In The Past But Obviously Not Any That Were Effective Enough

The Situation Is So Dire That There’s Even A #NoTolls Hashtag Aimed At Boycotting Levies On The Road

Ghanaians Will Have Jokes No Matter What’s Happening But It Doesn’t Take Away From The Seriousness Of The Situation

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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