The Film, The Photos: Photographers All Around Show Off Their Amazing Works Captured On Roll Film

A photo by Kevin Okai

Today, we have a digital way of doing a lot of things. A lot of things that were previously analogue have moved into the digital arena.

The camera was not left out in the digitization of things.

Before we had digital cameras and shot on memory cards, we had cameras that were shooting on roll films.

These films must be handled with care and it often demanded that the photographer is well vest in the art of exposure to lights and capturing images.

Later, the films were then developed in dark rooms before we got the final prints that we called photographs.

This way of taking photographs seems to be very far away from the current stream of photographers who use digital cameras and even mobile phones to take photos.

However, there are still a number of photographers who are still shooting with roll films and we are here for all of them holding down what once was.

They have taken to the bird app to highlight their work in the “The Film The Photos” trend.

  1. Those black and whites!!!

2. Calming.

3. It’s the black people for us.

4. Sis ate!

5. Colonial vibes.

6. Bro got it.

Those days of the roll film photos were the good old creativity meets technique days.


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