7 Things You Might Not Know Happen When You Block Someone On WhatsApp

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Most of us only have a vague sense of what happens when we block someone on WhatsApp. We know that the person won’t be able to send us any messages but what else happens? Here are 7 interesting things that happen when you block one of your contacts on WhatsApp.

Your Group Chats With Them Will Not Be Affected

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If you’ve blocked someone that person can still send messages to a group that you’re in and you’ll see those messages. They’ll also be able to see the messages that you’ve sent to the group.

There’s Only One Tick When They Send A Message

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So you know you’re not receiving any messages from someone that you’ve blocked, but you might not know what happens on their end. On their end, it’s just one tick so that they know their message hasn’t been delivered.

Calls Ring On Their End But Don’t Come Through

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When you blocked someone they can still call you. And when they call they are going to hear a ringing tone like normal. However, on your end, no call is going to come through. There’ll be no sign that they tried to call you.

You Won’t See Their Messages Even When You Unblock Them

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All the messages that someone has sent you while they’re blocked won’t come through once you’ve unblocked them. You won’t know if they sent any messages and definitely not what those messages are.

They Can Still See The Last Status Update You Posted Before You Blocked Them

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When you block someone, they can see all status updates that you posted before you blocked them. They won’t see the status updates you posted after you blocked them.

There’s No ‘Last Seen’ Or ‘Online’

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When a person that you’ve blocked opens your chat they won’t be able to tell if you’re online or see your ‘last seen.’ And on your end, you won’t be able to get into the chat in the first place.

No Profile Picture

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This one is really obvious but yes, when you block someone, they stop being able to your DP. And that’s funny because this is how a lot of people discover that they’ve been blocked.

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