5 Common Tropes In Kumawood Movies That Need To End

If you have watched enough Kumawood movies in your lifetime, you will definitely develop the super power to predict their endings no matter the theme. We still watch them because there is always an element of laughter in there. Here are everyday tropes you will find in Kumawood movies. If any of these seem peculiar to you, catch a bus to Adum, Kumasi and buy more Kumawood movies.

1.The Family Witch.

In almost all Kumawood movies, there must be someone chewing their sibling’s leg, burning their family’s business in the spiritual realm and destroying someone’s marriage. Remember the scenes where they are riding on the long broom and meeting under trees.

2. “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.

Is it really a Kumawood movie if the “good person” does not go through all kinds of hell? From burning business, dying kids and being poor, homeless and sick, only to die and become and angel to avenge your death.

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3. Accra Is The Sure Place For Success.

There is something Kumawood movies are trying to tell us, but it seems we are not paying attention. It can’t be the same Accra we are all crying over that Kumawood movies portray as the city of opportunities and money. This same “who you know” Accra? Definitely not in this Accra.

4. Mind-blowing Camera Effects.

You haven’t experienced Kumawood if you haven’t watched a bullet slow down, change its course of direction, brake on the way and finally penetrate the heart of someone, before killing them. When flying cars come into existence, run Kumawood movies their credit, because they predicted that.

5. The Movie Subtitles.

We have a theory that the people in charge of the subtitles, are usually hungry or angry over their salaries and therefore decide to pay their bosses back. How else would you explain these obvious and mind blowing mistakes? How hard is it to google the correct spelling of a word, write the correct tense or the correct translation?



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