#ThatNSSLife: Here Are Karen Kane’s NSS Fashion Essentials For Ladies

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Entering the workforce can be daunting — you want to do well, you want to make and keep a good first impression. Navigating the office and corporate environment can also be very challenging. One of the things every lady definitely struggles with is what to wear, especially in the corporate world, however, we’ve made that easy for you. We spoke to Karen Kane, a very respected and experienced stylist, to help you out with this dilemma. Here are the fashion essentials you need for your national service, according to Karen Kane.

1. A set of blazers/coats

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The corporate world demands that you look a certain type of way and blazers will give you that look you want. You can wear anything, be it jeans, a skirt or even a dress but once you throw a blazer on top of it, you immediately start to give off a different vibe.

2. Office shirts

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Whatever bottom you decide to wear (trousers or skirts) should go with an office shirt. Properly tailored shirts will solve your need to look corporate. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get casual shirts unless of course, it’s accepted where you work.

3. Have a variety of outfits

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Everyone has their own style and so you would see people going in for dresses or skirts and some go in for corporate trousers. My advice is to have whatever that works for you in varieties. If you love dresses, get a number of them. If you like trousers or skirts, you would need to invest in tailored shirts. You need to invest in your outlook because that’s what people will see first. The fact that you’re an NSS person does not mean you should dress anyhow. You should go in there looking like a well-trained person and not a beginner.

4. Shoes

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You can own just one pair of shoes but you need to keep them clean at all times. Make sure what you choose to wear to work is comfortable to walk in so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Remember that your outlook speaks to people before you actually talk so you need to invest in it. You can go to Accra/Kantamanto to get really nice pieces for your wardrobe at really affordable prices.

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