Do This Once And You Can Avoid Losing Work In MS Office When Dumsor Strikes

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

ECG’s random bursts of ‘taking their light’ are everyone’s pet peeve. If you’re a student things get uncomfortable when you have to deal with your lights going off. Even if your laptop doesn’t turn off immediately it’s difficult to do any work and not be nervous that you’re going to lose it all. Here’s a simple hack you can use to avoid losing any work in MS Office.

Auto Recover Is Your Friend, Here’s How To Turn It On

Whenever your computer goes off without warning, MS Word or other Office apps that you’re using will try to recover your work. By default, Office apps save your work every 10 minutes. You want to change that to as little time as possible. Here’s how we’re going to make the auto recover time just 1 minute.

Step 1: Click On File (From Any Microsoft Office Application)

Step 2: Click On Options (From Any Microsoft Office Application)

Step 3: Click On Save (From Any Microsoft Office Application)

Step 4: Change The Time From 10 minutes to 1 (From Any Microsoft Office Application)

Now your document (Word Document, Excel Sheet, PowerPoint Presentation) will be backed up every minute. Even if the unfortunate happens and your computer turns off unexpectedly, you won’t lose any work.



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