6 “Beefs” That Always Happened In Every Ghanaian SHS

Everyone found themselves in the middle of a “beef” whether they liked it or not. You may not have actually fought anyone in school but admit it, at some point, some people, even your mates, were annoying you. We want to throw it back to our high school days and recount some of the beefs that excited us.

1. Dining hall prefects vs their mates

Most people didn’t understand why their mate who was the dining hall prefect couldn’t look the other way when they were “smuggling” or taking food out of the dining hall or punish them because they didn’t come for dining. We were all scrubbing in level 100 but now you’re a prefect so you think you’re more of a senior? Lailai!


2. Class prefects vs back benchers

If we are being honest, there’s a special place in hell for backbenchers because they always knew that they were disturbing the class prefect and putting them and the whole class in trouble but they still kept on making noise.

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3. House Prefects vs The Whole Houses

“Sisters please I’m locking the house in 2 minutes!” These people act like the houses have been given to them by the school authorities and that they will carry them to their homes. Smh. Where are they now? We hope they are landlords now.

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4. Form 3s vs Form 2s

Every SHS had this unspoken beef. The Form 3s want to bully the Form 2s but the Form 2s have also come on top and won’t allow the Form 3s to play with them. If you want to bully someone, the Form 1s are there.

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5. Form 2s vs Form 1s

The Form 1s always have a special place in the heart of Form 3s and the Form 2s hate it. There’s always tension between the 2 forms.

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6. Students vs NSS teachers

Students can always tell when someone is new at the job and if they find out you’re an NSS personnel, they start to misbehave. A lot!

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Which other beef did you experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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